SuperPick: Grandeur Towels

We’ll be recommending many different towels on, but the combination of price and quality for these Grandeur Hospitality  towels is hard to beat.  They’re soft, fluffy, absorbent, white (bleachable), and while you can find the 6-piece bath towel set on Amazon for $49 – $56, the exact same set is only $21.99 at Costco.

With such a low price, you won’t feel bad about occasionally tossing out that stained towel, or just replace the whole set every 6-12 months to ensure your bathrooms always have that spa look with fresh and fluffy white towels.

The hand towels are only $15.99 for 12, and the wash cloths are $10.99 for 24.

These Grandeur sets are definitely a SuperPick.

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