SuperPick: Aroma Sense Shower Head

I’ve spent much of my writing career as a spa editor — flying around the world, staying at luxury spas, and writing about them.  I know — it’s a tough gig…   So as an Airbnb host, I wanted to offer my guests the kind of luxury, memorable shower experience I’ve had at high end spas.

I discovered the Aroma Sense AS-9000 at Burke Williams Day Spa in LA.  At the time, I thought the shower felt amazing – the holes were so tiny the waterfall felt softer, yet bracing against my skin, and I later learned it actually increases water pressure 1.5x compared to a normal branded showerhead. But what pushes this product over the edge, believe it or not, is the Vitamin C (what?). This showerhead delivers Vitamin C via a replaceable cartridge of lemon oil, which not only provides aromatherapy benefits, but also naturally eliminates chlorine and other contaminant residues.

The result is a clean, fresh-smelling shower that feels great and has become my favorite part of waking up.  And more important, the consistently rave reviews from guests makes the Aroma Sense a SuperPick.  It’s on Amazon so give it a try – if you don’t love it in the first 30 days, send it back.

An important note:  this shower head does require replacement filters and aroma cartridges every 2-3 months, so bookmark these products for easy reference:

Vitamin C Lemon Cartridge replacement  (slowly disappears over time – replace when empty)

Fabric Filter replacement (replace when dirty – frequency depends on water quality and hardness)

Have a great recommendation for a shower head you love?  Add it to the comments below – I’m always looking for the next big thing.

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